Setting environment variables in Node and React

An environment variable is a variable that is set from outside an application, usually from the operating system. If you’re using Linux, MacOS or Windows, your operating system already has some default environment variables which you can access from your terminal or from inside an application that you are writing. Some most popular examples of […]

Terminal Troubleshooting

Fixing sed error “undefined label” and “invalid command code” on MacOS

The life of a programmer is hard. There are moments that we encounter bugs and have absolutely no idea why it’s happening. These occasions challenge our troubleshooting skills. Let’s look at a scenario with sed where the same line of code which works on MacOS won’t work on Linux and vice-versa (I’m testing on Ubuntu) […]


Fixing the ‘Another update is currently in progress.’ Error in WordPress

If you ever see the error Another update is currently in progress, it means that WordPress has been updating one of its components (maybe a theme, a plugin or even the WordPress core) and something got messed up and the update process didn’t finish successfully. You’ll even get that error if you’re updating via WP-CLI: […]